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Putting Bloom's Taxonomy to Use




What types of questions should you expect?

  • Can you recall…?

  • Where is…? Who is…?

  • List three…

  • How would you describe…?

  • Could you explain…?

How can you study for these questions?

  • Make a mnemonic

  • Recite a poem

  • Create a mind map

  • State…

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Probably my last trip to Wellington. Thank you so much friends for the kind hospitality. (at Wellington Domestic Airport)
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A strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world
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alhamdulillah, my first experience sailing across the Cook Strait :)
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She will have to wait
A year to see these flowers-
This thought brings sadness

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Ten commandments about speak in Quran
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Do you talk too much?

Are you verbose? or just plain talkative? or both?

Didn’t you know that such words such be delicately processed before being delivered and said? Or are you just like throwing away some useless papers to the trash when you speak?

One of the greatest things that you will find in every story of the lives of the Sahabah Radiyallahu Anhum would be their stern avoidance of saying what is irrelevant or what it is not needed or just by merely avoiding things that should not be revealed nor talked about.

They prevented themselves from joining such idle talks, talks about other fellow believers if they would hear someone talk about the other, one of them would be stern and correct the other because this is how they want the best for their fellow believers, they all want to see each other in Jannah.

This is something we all should reflect from, nowadays so many people get into trouble, small fights becoming big fights because of these mere words that were like either cut into minute details or extended with the added details that were not really what the original message was. With these things, the meaning of their words become changed and either causes comfort or discomfort to the one that is being told about to.

Have we ever though how sharp our words can be? Our words are like swords with blades on both sides, either way you stab it, you stab yourself and the person you are trying to defame or talk about.

Don’t you know that if you talk about someone else so bad it actually reflects on how bad and dirty your mind is and then one would think again and see how dark and hardened your heart is? Yes you brought defamation on the person you talked about but didn’t you know you have brought double the defamation on your very self?

Astagfirullaah. What harm can it bring you if you talk what is good about the other person? What harm can it bring you if you talk about someone as an inspiration? Does it defame you? Or are you just that envious?

At the end remember, if you gossip about someone then know by the end of the day, someone from those people you gossip with will eventually gossip about you as well.

So next time you speak, speak better, think better and be more mindful.


And we pray that Allaah Azza Wa Jall forgives us for the moments we have talked bad about someone and that He may pardon us from that evil deed and give us the strength to ask forgiveness for those people we have offended and may he also give us the courage to forgive others.


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Enough said :’(
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Drapetomania. I always get this feeling. c:
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And the spring has sprung!

Auckland (at Albert Park, Auckland)